il Malawi al tempo del coronavirus — Ogni Sere un caffè

caffè amaro Tra i vari aggiornamenti dal mondo non poteva mancare un paese che ho imparato ad amare, un frammento di mondo dove ho lasciato cari amici, una terra che grazie a Pang’onopang’ono OdV ho conoscito ed non dimenticherò. Cosa sta succedendo in Africa? Con tutte le difficoltà di collegamneto tipiche dell‘Africa ho cercato di aggiornarvi. Ringazioe […]

via il Malawi al tempo del coronavirus — Ogni Sere un caffè

Autore: Violet Chanza Black

Hey there, I am not sure how you landed here but in case I get famous (lol) and people actually want to read what I write about, then here is my Introduction. I answer to Violet Chanza Black. I can not remember why exactly I created this website for but a pandemic later and after some years of growing, schooling and learning to love, I am back and I feel prepared to own a space on this world wide web. For a long time I have engaged on social media. I have listened and read and had interesting conversations with people. Currently the social media weather is becoming gloomy. Everyone knows something, but do not know that they do not know all. Some people have made it their assignment to defend their ideas..... well not really their ideas but the information they have fed on and believe to be true. Well we all do right, defend what we believe in. The problem I have is people who are closed in their own boxes, who believe what they know is the absolute truth. Now sometimes even when you are not arguing with them, when you are trying to discuss with them what you know about the same topic, sometimes different views they become unreasonably defensive. I understand though. It is a public forum and they want to sound smart. Egos tricks. What comes out of it is really just noise. No constructive exchanges made. Just everyone trying to prove the other stupid. Unfortunately this is what I have been feeling on social media that I decided I would just be a watcher. In my watching I have learnt a lot about other people in my environment and about myself too. When I follow intellectual discussions I sometimes put myself in one person's show and say I would have said this or that next. Then I sit back and think what the responses would be. Anyways that has been my current social media interactions. 90 percent watching and 10 percent interacting. This has made me have a lot to say without feeling that someone will understand what I am trying to say the wrong way and try to make me look stupid and we end up chasing tails. I do not have time for that. So this is my space. Welcome to my world. Feel free to interact and comment. Have a blessed day and remember to be kind.


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